Why I Left NameCheap for Naijawebhost.com


Why I Left Namecheap and moved my websites to Naijawebhost.com my experience

so today in this post am gonna share with you my experience with the web hosting industry and the and my review of the Nigerian web hosting companies and the untold truth.

I’ve been a web developer for years and have come across so many reviews, so many deceptive stories and so many unrealistic web hosting companies.

Some Nigerian Web Hosting companies i’ve tried with domain names.

so to be clear first off all i want to dive straight into sharing my experience with some of the Nigerian web hosting companies i’ve hosted my websites on in the past the domain names and why i left them.


Domainkink claims to be Nigeria’s number 1 Domain Name Registrar & Web Hosting Company with operations in over 4 countries including Nigeria.

cloud hosting

Domainking’s domain pricing and web hosting is fairly cheap and i would say when it comes to domain registration they are what they say they are.

so i the year 2016 i bought a web hosting Soldier package with domainking which includes 2GB disk space and Unmetered Bandwidth which i had little idea of what Unmetered Bandwidth means but did some research and they said they dont limit the amount of traffic i get on the website.

2 months down the road my website began getting just a 100 visitors a day and boom i got a message that my website was reaching its resource limits and that i should upgrade my package, the next morning i work up and realised my website was down showing a white screen and some notes.

I contacted Domainking and they said the only way to resolve it was by upgrading my package, so i had to source for money that same day and i paid for an upgrade.

half a month down the road my website began going offline sometimes for 5 minutes, 10, 20 and so on i was mad and contacted domainking and they kept on saying it would b resolved but 2 weeks down the road it kept getting worst.

It became a nightmare when i woke up one day and my website went offline for more than a week and domainking said they couldn’t resolve the issue which made me had to leave them for good broken hearted i had to look for an alternative that’s when i came across Qservers.

My Experience with Qservers.com

Unlike Domainking.ng Qservers lets you know how much of Bandwith You get with each plan.

Their Starter plan which costs N5.000 a year gives you 2Gigabyte Diskspace and 8GB Bandwith, and a free .com.ng domain name.

sad boy

So i purchased a Starter Shared hosting plan with Qservers and set up my website on the domain killervibes.com.ng it was a music blog, i loved the fact that i had 8GB as Bandwith for 5k a year but didn’t realize that amount of Bandwith cant even handle an average 5000 visits a month until i received another email from them just like Domainking it also had lots of downtimes because i set up a downtime monitor, plus i realized i needed more than 2GB for my website.

A year with qservers i was fed up for the fact that i had poor rankings with quality contents, so i started researching on international web hosting companies that are reliable i came across hostinger and namecheap and asked a question on a web developers forum where i found out that namecheap provide better user experience, so i decided to give it a try.

My Version of Namecheap Story

Namecheap from my experience was very good and i mean very good, they had great customer support but the price is a little bit high plus the stress of getting a visa payment card was a little bit hectic for me.

so i bought a web hosting plan and signed up for their Steller Package for one year which allows 3 websites to be hosted with 20GB SSD storage.

i was pretty happy with namecheap which made me to upgrade my package as a web developer to host my clients websites on it and it all went well for me and my clients.

But with the high exchange rate of naira to doller i found myself spending half of what i earn on hosting plus namecheap servers became slower with time and i got to realize they are using apache web servers.

So early this year i came across a web hosting company called Naijawebhost.com via review website and decided to give it a try.

My Experience on Naijawebhost.com

I headed over to naijawebhost.com and decided since their startup cloud hosting plan costs N5.000 a year why not give it a try, plus it includes free SSL, CDN, and LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin Pre-Installed.

I ordered for the hosting plan and made the payment to naijawebhost, i received a confirmation email and set up my first website with them.

i was amazed when i checked my website speed at GTMetrix and found out my website was extremely fast loading and i had a free nightly backup from my cpanel set up by NaijaWebhost, so i set up a downtime monitor and an email account which with namecheap i wasn’t able to access or receive any email to my webmail account.

So i decided to do my own research of the technology behind naijawebhost fast loading website, well i didn’t know much about web servers years ago, and of course naijawebhost claims to offer the fastest cloud web hosting in Nigeria but i didn’t see that as a big deal untill i did my research.

My Findings on Naijawebhost

so here is my research results:

I found out that Naijawebhost uses LiteSpeed Web servers and that LiteSpeed web servers are 10x faster than Apache, LiteSpeed is a Paid server while Apache is an open Sourced Free Web Server, LiteSpeed has more security patches and processes results faster than Apache.

Raid 10 SSD Storage;

I also realised that they use SSD Storage rather than the known HDD drives that gives you more space but is slower even in the case of laptops or desktop computers.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

What is a CDN?

CDN simply means a content delivery network, or content distribution network, is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The goal is to provide high availability and performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end users.

What Does this CDN Do ?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a highly-distributed platform of servers that helps minimize delays in loading web page content by reducing the physical distance between the server and the user. This helps users around the world view the same high-quality content without slow loading times. READ MORE ABOUT CDN HERE

I was satisfied with naijawebhost and finally contacted them and they moved all my websites to naijawebhost with no additional cost.

so there we go, i am happy my clients are happy and i get to spend less than i used to spend at namecheap.

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